Lihan Espresso Coffee Bottomless Portafilter 54mm Apply to Breville/Sage 870/875/878/880 Coffee Machine, Coffee No Base No Filter Holder,Wooden Coffee Handle


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→This Coffee Bottomless Portafilter is made of high quality 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel, eco-friendly and non-toxic, more sanitary and safer →Precision fine hole design, surrounding filter screen, evenly filter the coffee powder, labor-saving and light to use, high working efficiency →Designed with ergonomic Solid Wooden Handle for a comfortable grip and provides stable handling. →Detachable design, convenient and quick to disassemble, more easy to use, and the bottomless handle is easy to clean and has no dead angle cleaning.Oxidation resistance, corrosion resistant, rust resistance and durability. →【Please note】: When purchasing, please look for Dream ae to purchase, this store provides 7*24h after-sales service by Amazon. 【please note, please note, please note】The goods sold by other sellers are second-hand recycled products .