Daewoo Chopper DFP-430M Grey

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Winia Electronics is a home electronics company and a member of South Korean Winia Group. Established in 1971, it has since grown into a global business with more than 64 production sites, research and development and sales centres in more than 40 countries worldwide. Daewoo Electronics Sales UK (DESUK) was established in November 1993. It is the third largest electronics firm of South Korea after Samsung and LG. The company manufactures a range of electronics and home appliances.

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Buy Daewoo Multi Chopper DFP-430M on Shopahome.com. Every kitchen needs to be equipped with the right appliances to make cooking easy and stress-free. A good blender, grinder, hand mixer, food processor and chopper should be in your kitchen. They will save you time and sweat. Why bother cutting, slicing and grinding your ingredients when there are kitchen appliances that can do the hard work for you