Candy WasherDryer 12.5kg wash + 9kg dry - 1400rpm - White - Chrome Ring - Rapido - Wifi+BT - Steam - Class AAA - 6Digit Display - Inverter Motor ROW412596DWMC-19


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Warranty: 1-Year
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capacity (kg) : 12.5 kg Wash + 9 kg Drying

Loading type : Front

Door Color: White + Chrome Ring

Color of the body : White

Door Handle Color : White

Connectivity :Wi-Fi + Bluetooth

Drum material: Stainless Steel

ESMA Rating :3 Stars

Annual Water consumption : ESMA 17905 L/Year

Annual Energy consumption: ESMA 2131 kWh/Year

Energy efficiency class : AAA

Main features: Steam

Maximum spin speed (rpm) : 1400

Motor  : Inverter Motor 10 Years Warranty

Noise level spinning  : 81

Noise level washing: 53

Plug type : UK

Programs number : 15+

Start delay options: Yes as Button (Up to 24 h.)

Steam  : Yes

Net weight (kg) : 74

Product Height (mm): 850

Product Width (mm) : 600

Product Depth (mm) : 670

Gross weight (kg)  : 76

Packing Height (mm): 890

Packing Width (mm) : 650

Packing Depth (mm) : 720

Voltage (V) , Frequency  : 220-240 , 50Hz

Rated Power : 1600W

Rapid Programs : Yes - 8 Prgms

Reasons To Buy

Rapido Washer Dryer

Keep your garments and health safe from GERMS! 

Candy Rapid’O Hygiene Plus Program offers the best possible combination of high temperature, time and cleaning action to guarantee maximum sanitizing power against bacteria.

With Candy RapidÓ, saving time is possible, daily. 

Thanks to the most complete set of 9 rapid program on the market, RapidÓ helps you to dedicate yourself to the things you love most. How to choose the best rapid program? Just snap a photo of the pile of laundry to get the best fastest program. To make the daily laundry as easy as can be, Candy RapidÓ is equipped with a higher and larger porthole. This new ergonomic design makes both loading and unloading effortless and extremely easy.

Daily 39’ 

With Candy RapidÓ, saving time is possible, daily. 

Thanks to its new overdrive motor and the most complete set of 9 rapid program on the market, RapidÓ helps you to dedicate yourself to the things you love most. The Daily 39’ is a quick cycle that runs your half load in 39 minutes – dedicate your time to yourself with Candy RapidÓ. 



Candy RapidÓ is designed to make your daily laundry more comfortable and pleasant. 

With the highest and largest porthole in the market, loading and unloading garments has never been easier. Choose comfort with Candy RapidÓ. 

Talking Candy

Get total Vocal Management with Candy RapidÓ.

Talking Candy allows you to manage your laundry with your voice using your phone wherever you are or asking your digital assistants when you are at home. Talking Candy lets you Start a program, ask for a washing advice and check the machine status.

Snap & Wash 

Candy RapidÓ – As smart as you

Are you ready for a new experience? With the new Candy RapidÓ, you can find out which cycle is best suited to the amount, type and color of laundry just using your smartphone! Simply snap a photo of the pile of laundry to get the right fastest program. It also automatically sets the right temperature and spin speed. A smart way to save time and protect fabrics from washing mishaps giving you the best results.

KG Detector

Candy RapidÓ with its new KG Detector function allows you to be more energy conscious. The KG Detector uses the laundry weight to determine the water intake, washing time and energy levels. 

Smart Check Up

Candy RapidÓ – As smart as you

The simply-Fi App offers a wide range of smart features for the best. Use your simply-Fi App to check the health status of your machine so you are always prepared. 

6 Digit Alpha Display

RapidÓ’s smart display is the clearest ever. 

The Alphabetic Display allows to identify and set up smoothly the best washing options.  Once you have selected the best washing option for the specific garments, the alphabetic display shows the name of the program in your native language. In this way you can double check that it’s the right cycle. 

8 Rapid Programs 

With Candy RapidÓ, saving time is possible, daily. 

Rapid’O is equipped with 8 different rapid cycles, ideal to cover all possible needs in less than one hour.

Easy Iron 

Candy RapidÓ is designed to make your daily chores easier. 

The Easy Iron function has a steam action that reduces creases of laundry by 80%. The result is a strong reduction of the time needed to iron your garments. 

Save time with Candy RapidÓ

Mix Power System

Once again Candy offers simple but smart and innovative solutions. 

The Mix Power System is an innovative washing system that pre-mixture of water and detergent. We use a high-pressure water jet that sprays the mixture directly into the garments and facilitates the penetration of washing solution within tissues, removing dirt from fiber to fiber to guarantee the best wash performance. 

Horizontal Touch Console & Ergonomic Panel

Thanks to the innovative Horizontal Touch Console and the Ergonomic Panel, Rapid’O can be easily used in full standing position. 

10 Year Warranty on Inverter Motor

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