Philips Halogen Ceiling Light Lamp 50w 12v Mr16 36 Angle

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Philips brand MR16 halogen flood. 50 Watts for more power and light. 12 volts for low voltage systems. Low voltage means a smaller filament, for greater optical control. Produces about 30% more light than a regular halogen of the same wattage., Can be used to replace a 50 Watt EXN lamp and save 15 Watts of electricity without losing light output., Lasts about twice as long as a regular halogen., FL36 means 36º beam spread and a wider beam of light., Perfect for art galleries and retail applications where light quality is important. Halogen lights provide brighter, whiter light than incandescents, while maintaining outstanding color rendering Flood means 36º beam spread and a wider beam of light. Lamp can be closer and still light the area effectively Dichroic reflector reflects visible light out the front while letting heat escape out the back, resulting in a cool beam of light Philips Essential Halogen 12v Dichroic Reflector 50W GU5.3 12V 36 Degree.