Downy Perfume Collection Concentrate Fabric Softener Feel Relaxed 1.38L 34 Loads

Pack size : 1.38L

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Pack size : 1.38L
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Let the scent and softness of your fabrics help soothe you to relax with Downy Feel Relaxed fabric softener. The luscious scent of sweet lavender with gourmand vanilla and cedar undertones lulls your senses as you close your eyes on the cares of the day. New Downy Concentrate presents Its 1st ever perfume bubbles technology. When you move or rub your clothes, the perfume bubbles burst, releasing an amazing long lasting scent.

How To Use

Storage Condition

Store in a Cool, Dry, Hygienic place, Please Avoid Humidity, Heat, Sunlight and Strong Light.

Preparation and usage

If you have a washing machine: pour 40ml of Downy into the fabric softener compartment of your machine drawer, and launch the laundry cycle as usual.
If you rinse your clothes in your semi-automatic washing machine or if you don't have a softener compartment: pour 40ml of Downy during the last rinsing cycle, leave clothes soaking 5 minutes, wring and hang as usual (no need to rinse after using Downy).

Brand Message

• Downy Feel Relaxed concentrate fabric softener helps keep your clothes fresh even when you sweat
• Soothing fragrance and long lasting freshness
• Longer lasting freshness thanks to new perfume micro capsules that burst with every move
• Softens and protects our family’s clothes from stretching, fading and fuzz
• Reduces wrinkles and makes ironing easier vs. detergent alone
• Suitable for every washing machines and every type of clothes

Safety warning

Do not pour directly onto fabrics. Liquid fabric softener can increase fabric flammability. Using more than recommended can increase this effect.

Do not use this product:
- On children's sleepwear or garments labeled as flame resistant as it may reduce flame resistance.
- On garments made with fluffier fabrics (such as fleece, velour, chenille, and terry cloth)