Glad Cling Wrap 200 Sq. Ft

Pack size : Pack of 1

AED 8.00
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Pack size : Pack of 1
United States of America


The Glad Cling Wrap is made up of microwave-safe crystal clear polyethylene. It clings easily on any vessels and keeps the edibles fresh for the longest time.

How To Use

Preparation and usage

1. Take rollout of box and find start of roll, return roll to box,
2. Place box on flat surface and push in tabs,
3. Pull amount of wrap needed. Tear wrap up and across.
4. Slightly stretch wrap over food or container so air does not seep in.

Brand Message

Glad started its run in the year 1966 in Australia. Its four key hallmark products included plastic wrap, aluminum foil, garbage bags, and kitchen tidy bags. It is a trusted brand among its consumers for its high-quality products which help them save time around the home.