Rasasi - Sotoor - Raa -Edp 100 Ml

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Sotoor, is a series of four modern-oriental fragrances inspired by Arabic script. The intricate beauty Arabic calligraphy makes a striking statement against a very international and contemporary design backdrop. Mystique of the east and the minimalism of west come together in this collection of highly desirable young unisex perfumes, bursting with joyous energy and spunk. Originally targeted at millennials, the collection is making quite a splash by hitting the right notes with customers of all ages. Sotoor - Raa is an exuberant fresh floral perfume that reminds you of sunny skies. This intensely heady concoction of romantic florals is lent a sparkling luminosity by the playful bergamot and citrusy opening notes. Nutmeg infuses a subtle spicy touch to the elegant fresh green note of lily-of-the-valley and the bright easy elegance of jasmine. In the dry down, patchouli lends a sweet, dark, earthy and woody exuberance to the sweetly sensuous and animalistic musk.