Rasasi - Rumz Al Rasasi 9325 Pour Elle Zebra 50 Ml

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Rumz Al Rasasi 9325 Pour Elle is an ode to the beauty, poise and grace of the female species. The 9325 woman cannot be missed even in a crowd. She stands out for her bright vivacity, reveling in an innate confidence that turns heads. The fragrance opens with fresh, appetizing, lush fruity note of green apple inflected with an aromatic citrusy, sparkling elegant light note of bergamot. The top notes melt into the soft warm and earthy heart with sandalwood infusing the fragrance with a classic woody note that is milky, soft, sturdy, and rich, with a hint of green top note and a tempting lingering scent. The sweet resinous amber tempers down the animalistic musk with an intoxicating warmth. This fragrance is an enthralling journey of self-discovery.