Rasasi - Qasamat Ebhar - Oudh Moattar, 50 Gms

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Qasamat, is a series inspired by the rich perfumery traditions of the Middle East. The opulence and enigmatic mystique of oriental olfactory finds a contemporary expression in four unique scent journeys which are addictive and accentuated by distinctive features. These scents celebrate the love for bling as a language of self-expression in modern times and revel in easy elegance and an irresistibly infectious joie de vivre. Qasamat Ebhar is a sublime fragrance with a unique contrast. This dazzling oudh moattar opens with a burst of fresh and fruity notes of green apple and sparkling lemon, the floral wave of lotus and damask rose slowly flows into contrasting deep notes of addictive praline, vanilla and rich musks. This scent celebrates avant-gardism, passion and vibrancy making it a perfect ambience fragrance for all occasions. Top Notes: Sparkling lemon, Green apple Middle Notes: Lotus flower, Orris, Pure jasmine, Damask rose Base Notes: Intense vanilla, Addictive praline, Tonka beans, Musk