Laser 3 Sport Razors Pack of 5

Pack size : Pack of 5

AED 15.90
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Pack size : Pack of 5


Laser Sport 3 triple blade disposable razors with three precisely positioned blades to make your shaving effortless and offer you the best experience of facial grooming. Laser triple blade razors has unique smart ergo design, anti slip firm grip, long handle for better control and more comfortable shaves in a single stroke eliminates the need for shaving again. Lubricating smooth strip with aloe vera and vitamin E to provide greater comfort and nourishment to the skin during shaving. Thus, all these things give a perfect shave.

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Laser Shaving, one of the leading Indian brands, sells more than 4 billion razor blades annually, across the globe. It is an ISO certified company with several prestigious international awards under its name.