Signal Himalayan Rock Salt Toothbrush x Pack of 2

Pack size : Pack of 2

AED 17.50
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Pack size : Pack of 2


Signal Himalayan rock salt Gentle cleanse toothbrush has been specially crafted to help give you a gentle care for your healthier teeth & gums. It is harnessing the power of Himalayan rock salt that is known to be the purest salt on earth in your every brush. Himalayan rock salt is fused with the soft bristles to clean your mouth effectively and gently. With every brush , the salt acts as a natural solution by neutralizing bad mouth bacteria to:
• Naturally & gently clean your teeth
• Keep your gums away from bacteria

How To Use

Storage Condition

Store in a Cool, Dry, Hygienic place, Please Avoid Humidity, Heat, Sunlight and Strong Light.

Brand Message

Signal toothpaste is developed to give you a fresh, healthy smile. The most trusted brand for oral care. It offers a wide range of variants in its toothpaste and affordable branded toothbrush to suit all needs.