Jordan Easy Reach Flossers 25 Pieces

Pack size : 25 Pieces

AED 10.00
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Pack size : 25 Pieces


The Jordan New Easy Reach Flosser offers the best dental hygiene. This flosser is shaped to reach hard to reach places.

How To Use

Storage Condition

Store in a cool & dry place

Preparation and usage

Floss: gently slide the dental floss between teeth and move up and down against the teeth and below the gum line. Rinse the floss if necessary by pressing the sides on the handle together. Dental floss helps to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases. Dental stick: slide the dental stick gently between the teeth and move back and forth. Use of dental stick helps to remove food particles, plaque and stimulate gums.

Brand Message

Since 1927 Jordan has been providing oral health care solutions to people. It is a Scandinavian brand that caters to provide optimized functionality and stylish designs in all its products. Jordan offers products that match individual needs and are specific to your preferences and dental routine.

Safety warning

Keep away from children.