Glade Car Air Freshener with Lavender Marine 7ml

Pack size : 7ml

AED 12.50
(Inc. VAT)

Pack size : 7ml


The Glade Car Scented Oil Lav Marine is a deodorizer and air freshener with exclusive fragrance-mix technology that provides authentic and long lasting scent. It contains natural botanic essence oil.

How To Use

Storage Condition

keep in dry and cold place, Avoid extreme heat or cold.

Preparation and usage

Keep the product in vertical position. Directions for use: 1. Remove the holder from the air vent. 2. Remove the empty bottle located in the holder by turning the bottle. 3. Open the refill and remove cap protecting the wick (b). Screw back the small cap (a). 4. Keep the refill vertical, insert the refill back into holder. Close the holder. 5. Clip the holder onto the air vent and check its position is upright. 6. Adjust fragrance level 0- closed, 1 - minimum, 2-maximum. important: make sure the glade sport unit is always in the upright position. Do not tilt glade sport unit more than 45 degrees. Tilting may cause perfume leakage and subsequent damage to certain surfaces.

Brand Message

Glade is a brand of household air fresheners that was first introduced in 1956. The company manufactures a wide range of products like aerosol sprays, candles, car scented oil, glass scents, plugins, plugins scented gel, plugins scented oil, press'n fresh, secrets, scented oil candles, and wisp.

Safety warning

Flammable,Keep away from fire and hot surface