Canderel Green Low Calories Sugar 40g

Pack size : 40g

AED 15.00
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Pack size : 40g
United Kingdom


Save calories and enjoy great sweet taste by using Canderel Green Low Calories Sugar Alternative. Each tablet is equivalent in sweetness to a teaspoon of sugar but contains zero calories making it ideal for diabetic people, fitness seekers, and weight-conscious people.

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Brand Message

Canderel is an artificial-sweetener producing brand that is made from aspartame. The brand is marketed by a global corporation called 'The Merisant Company.' Canderel was first marketed in 1979, France and has since gone international. It is currently the UK's most popular brand of low-calorie sweetener that is available in both granular and tablet forms. The company's present product line-up includes Candarel Original, Candarel Sugarly, Candarel Zero, Candarel Sweetely, and Candarel Stevia.