Kuwait Flour Mills & Bakeries Co. Dalal Pure Vegetable Ghee 1kg

Pack size : 1kg

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Pack size : 1kg


Ghee is the finest Desi Cow's hand-churned ghee. In this method, fresh, raw, unprocessed milk is boiled and converted into curd in a clay pot, this curd is then hand-churned with wooden hand churner and Makhan or unsalted butter obtained in the process is then separated, the separated Makhan is then boiled in a thick iron vessel on mild cow dung cake fire and finally what we get is the finest ghee which has numerous ayurvedic and medicinal properties.

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In 1969, the company established the Macaroni factory, followed by the Biscuit factory in 1970 and the Vegetable oil factory in 1976, which was the first of its nature in the Arabian Gulf Region.