Mehran Haleem Masala 50g

Pack size : 50g

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Pack size : 50g


Masala mix for meat and lentil curry

How To Use

Preparation and usage

1-Sok all grain and pulses with water for about 1-2 hour.2-Heat 1 cup oil and fry 1 sliced onion for 5 miutes add ginger paste,garlic paste,meat and bones fry for 4-5 minuts then add Mehran Haleem Masala,wheat,barley and all pulses with 6-7 nglasses of water cover and cook on low heat for 5-6 houre or unitil meat and greain is tender.3-Now take out bones and dis card ,then shred the meat with wooden spatula or in blender and blend coarsely other grain then mix in meat curry cover and cook on low het for 30-40 minutes.4-Health the remain 1cup oil 1onion fry till becom golden add in haleem and cook for 10 minuts on low heat and remove