Organic Garlic 250g

Pack size : 250 Grams

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Pack size : 250 Grams
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United Arab Emirates and India.


Garlic is such a wonder herb known since ancient times, across every culture, to be both a delicious ingredient to food and as a great medicine and prevention to many ailments. Raw, freshly minced Organic Garlic has the optimum health benefits, while cooking it brings out the bold flavors in dishes and recipes.

Ingredients & Nutrition facts

Cooking Guidelines

When frying or sautéing Organic Garlic, use a heavy bottomed deep pan, such as a saucepan and add oil. Heat oil and then add chopped Garlic or cloves. Sauté for 30 seconds or until they turn to a golden brown and then remove from heat at once to avoid burning. If a milder flavor and softer garlic is desired, try sautéing other ingredients first like onions or tomatoes before the garlic.

Store Organic Garlic uncovered in a wire-mesh basket paper bag, or egg carton with plenty of dry air and little light to inhibit sprouting. Place at room temperature in a dry, dark place that has ample air circulation. Do not remove cloves from the bulb to not shorten its lifetime. Do not refrigerate or store garlic in plastic bags to avoid molding. Store minced garlic in the refrigerator in an air-tight container.

Average Nutritional Value Per 100g

How To Use

Storage Condition

Keep Organic Garlic in ambient temperature away from direct heat sources.

Preparation and usage

Break the Organic Garlic up into cloves it a little push with the palm of your hand against a cutting board. Take one of the cloves and hit it with the side of a knife. Peel the skin. To mince the clove of garlic, make lengthwise cuts with a chef's knife down one side and flip the garlic over each time while chopping into fine pieces.
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