Organic Juliet Apple

Approx 7 pieces/kg

AED 13.32 /600g
(Inc. VAT)

AED 22.20/Kg
Approx 7 pieces per KG
Freshness Guaranteed

How To Use

Storage Condition

Place Organic Juliet Apples in a plastic bag in the fridge to help retain moistness and stop shriveling. Store between −1° and 1 °C (30 to 34 °F).

Preparation and usage

Wash Organic Juliet Apples thoroughly in the running water to remove any surface dust, insecticide or fungicide sprays. Trim off its top end using a paring knife, and cut the fruit into two halves. Take out tiny, centrally placed, bitter seeds. Slice the fruit into desirable cubes or slices.