Sunveno Portable Milk Bottle Warmer with USB - Green

31 December

70.51 AED

82.95 AED 12.44 AED

Sunveno Portable Milk Bottle Warmer with USB is a perfect for mums while travelling, on a holiday or a day out with your baby. This bottle warmer outer material is made of velvet and very easy to use with the USB cable. Can be connected to a power bank or Car charger. The Bottle warmer by Sam Box maintains the temperature of the milk or water for the baby. For the mums who want to give expressed breast milk, this bottle warmer very handy – just keep the thawed milk in the bottle and plug in the warmer, when ever baby needs it, you can feed. Can be easily clubbed with Sunveno Diaper bag, as it has a USB interface, so can keep the bottle warmer in the side pocket and connect to keep the baby milk warm and handy! Product Dimensions : 14*30cm Product Weight : 0.08kg Packaging Weight : 0.1kg Material : Polyester. Tin Foil, Cotton Package includes : 1 x Bottle Heated Cover Remarks: Safe Low Voltage 5V, About 1.5A current FEATURES Perfect for traveler moms and holiday or a day out to keep the baby milk warm and handy. Can be connected easily with a power bank or car charger. Inner part can be taken out and outer velvet cover can be washed. Can fit any side bottle - Velcro strips to wrap around a bottle.