Anne Geddes

Anne Geddes Shea Butter Soothing Facial And Body Cream 100ml

Pack size : 100ml

AED 55.10
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Pack size : 100ml


Anne geddes soothing cream, rich in natural shea butter, calendula oil, chamomile and aloe vera, is ideal for the everyday protection of your baby’s skin since birth. It soothes face and body redness providing instant relief and it is recommended for use when atopic dermatitis symptoms appears on the baby. It has a deep hydrating effect on dry and dehydrated skin as well as on milk scab(seborrhoeic dermatitis).

How To Use

Preparation and usage

Apply on clean and dry skin and leave until absorbed. Suitable for the baby’s face and body.

Brand Message

A line of products created with functional organic ingredients that combines protection, efficacy, nourishment, safety and dermo-compatibility with the guarantees of organic certification.