Alameda Pocketer Diaper Backpack - Large - Grey


156.45 AED

209.00 AED 52.55 AED

• A stylish Unisex Diaper backpack is here from Alameda by Sambox. We understand your need for a diaper bag and backpack which provides both functionality and style. The grey color is good for both Mums and Dads. The front pockets make it a truly urban style backpack, are insulated to keep the milk warm. • Two side ways pocket to keep tissues handy. Anti-theft pocket at the back which is very convenient and safe to keep valuables. • Keep yourself hands free with inbuilt stroller hooks which comes free with the bag. A diaper changing mat is also included for easy nappy change. Perfect for Gifts to new moms, baby showers, kids birthday, Christmas and Halloween. • SPECIFICATIONS Product Dimensions - 32*17*42cm Packing Dimensions - 32*4*42cm Material - Linen + Polyester Net Weight - 0.99 kg Gross Weight - 0.99kg • Package Includes 1x Diaper Bag with inbuilt stroller hooks 1x Diaper Changing Mat FEATURE • Durable & comfortable : Reinforced straps and premium water-resistant oxford fabric is very sturdy. The padded shoulder straps can maximize the comfort. • Water-resistant & easy to clean : This grey mommy nappy backpack made of premium and durable oxford fabric has obvious water-resistant function. Very Easy to clean both in and out. • Convenient hands-free parenting : The large diaper bag travel backpack (size: 13L x 8.3W x 17H inches) has various multi-function compartments for baby essentials, like insulated, waterproof and wipes pockets, and also can attach to stroller neatly with stroller straps. • Unisex & Fashionable : Stylish unisex design helps this diaper backpack win popularity among both women and men. Can be used for both boys and girls • Reflective markers : On both side pockets and front section make it safer and very cool for parents to wear the baby bag backpack. It will be striking when exposed to hard light no matter how shady the surrounding it is. • Thermal Insulated Pockets:  Easy to access the front pocket and is divided to adjust two feeding bottles, along with spoons, soother and bibs. • Waterproof Pocket: Wet clothes can be well stored separately in this baby backpack. • Wipes Tissue Pocket: Special design on both side pockets of our baby diaper bag make it convenient to take a paper napkin or wipes. • Anti-theft Back Pocket: Back zipper pocket of diaper bag is designed to put private items. • Free Changing Pad (23L x 13.6W inches) : Make it easier to change diapers for the baby. • Free Stroller Straps: Can hang nappy bag neatly on the stroller. • Extra-wide Opening: A metal framework inside around the opening offer easy access to all baby essentials, also easy to close up.