Kiki Excellent Max Menu Cotorritas 500g

Pack size : 500g

AED 15.75
(Inc. VAT)

Pack size : 500g


Kiki Excellent Max Menu Cotorritas 500g created from the Psittacidae family. Act as a substantial diet for Cotorritas.

How To Use

Storage Condition

Keep in a cool and dry place. Make sure fresh, clean water is always available

Preparation and usage

Put The Feed Into The Feeder Making Sure That Clean Fresh Water Is Always Available.

Brand Message

The GZN group manufactures the Kiki brand of pet food products. GZN contributes to enhancing the nutrition, health, and wellness of your pets by offering healthy, balanced, and high-quality products. Through its Kiki brand, GZN provides a wide range of pet food products for dogs, cats, hamsters, rodents, canaries, parakeets, and exotic birds.