PC Overwatch

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    PC Overwatch

    PC Overwatch

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    Overwatch Is A Highly Stylized Team-Based Shooter Set On A Near-Future Earth. Every Match Is An Intense Multiplayer Showdown Pitting A Diverse Cast Of Heroes, Mercenaries, Scientists, Adventurers, And Oddities Against Each Other In An Epic, Globe-Spanning Conflict.
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    The Heroes Of Overwatch Each Brings Their Own Unique Powers And Game-Changing Ultimate Abilities Into Battle. Tracer, A Former British Test Pilot Who Shrugs At Danger, Executes Impossible Acrobatic Assaults Thanks To Her Ability To Teleport, Drop Bombs, And Even Reverse Time. *Tracer’S Time-Space Tricks Not Getting The Job Done? Switch Heroes Mid-Match And Command The Might Of Winston, An Ingenious Ape Armed With A Turbo-Powered Jet Pack. Leap Across Rooftops To Crash Into The Thick Of Battle, Distracting Your Foes From Their Target. *The Heroes Of Overwatch Are Many, Powerful, And Distinct—But Their Potential Is Amplified When They Assemble Into A Formidable Team. Your Options For Achieving Victory Are Endless When You And Your Allies Can Defy Gravity, Transform Into Rapid-Firing Turrets, Or Conjure Billboard-Sized Energy Shields.
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