Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Sun

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    Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Sun

    Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Sun

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    Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Sun
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    Choose Your Character Select A Hero Or Heroine And Name Your Protagonist. You Can Customize The Main Character. Your Journey And Story Starts Once You Reach The Island Of Alola. The Adventure Starts As You Set Your First Foot On The Island, Where You Discover A New Mystery Or Pokemon Every Minute. Select Your Partner Pokemon Select One Among The Three Partner Pokemon To Accompany In The Adventure. There Is Rowlet, Who Is A Grass/Flying Type Pokemon Who Can Fly And Attack Silently Through Kicks Or Throwing Razor Sharp Leaves From Its Feathers. Litten Is A Logical But A Passionate Fire Type Pokemon Who Remains Coolheaded And Licks Its Oil Rich Fur And Throws Flaming Hairball, It Collects In The Process. Popplio Is A Water Type Pokemon Who Has A Swimming Speed Of 25 Mph And Performs Best In Water, But Uses The Elasticity Of Its Balloons On Land To Perform Acrobatic Stunts And Jumps.
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