Aerolatte Cappuccino Art Stencils 6 designs

32.00 AED


Create fantastic coffee art with the Aerolatte cappuccino stencils and get professional barista like results at home. It is the perfect way to make your frothy coffee even more enticing. The results are impressive with a touch of professional quality. Features Stencil designs are leaf, snowflake, swirl, heart, smiley face, and star. The stencils are shaped to sit securely on any standard-size cup/mug. The thickness of stencils allows excess toppings to be easily scraped away/removed. It is made from durable, food-approved polypropylene that is easy to clean. About Aerolatte Aerolatte designs products like milk frother, French presses, espresso pots and other coffee accessories. These products are contemporary designs of traditional items and aim to improve, solve and make for a more enjoyable coffee experience at home. In essence, the brand truly changed the way we enjoy the cappuccino, caff latte, milkshakes and hot chocolates.