OWON OPF101-W - Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder, Smartphone, 24 cups (5.5 L), Wi-Fi App for iPhone and Android, Automatic Pet Feeder, Food Dispenser - Features Distribution Alarms, Portion Control


289.00 AED

437.00 AED 148.00 AED

• 5.5L Storage Capacity - It is a smart automatic pet feeder with a total capacity of 5.5L or 5.8 Quartz. It comes with a programmable timer to feed on time, it guarantees an optimal feeding schedule and weight control. Certified pet-friendly, made of BPA-free plastic. • Integrated Voice Recorder: The power supply enables personalized voice recording when the owner is not present with the integrated microphone and speaker. It can record a 10-second voice message for lunchtime and allows playback for the programmable timer. • Feed your pets on a scheduled schedule with the convenience of OPF101 Electronic Steering Control - Automatic Pet Feeder. Automatically dispenses preset portions of pet food, ranging from 1/4 cup to 3 cups of dr and food per ser ving, accurate and easy. Up to 3 meals a day can be set for the health and happiness of your pet. With it, monitoring your pet's food for weight control or other dietary needs is consistent and very convenient, too. • This automatic pet feeder can be used by all pet owners, large and small families, people with busy schedules, the elderly and disabled to reduce their daily pain and continue feeding their dogs or cats or diabetic pets at the right time with quantity Food preset for weeks at a time. • Color: Pink.