Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Bulb Essential white And Color 800 Lumens 10W E27 Lamp Voice Control Work With Google Assistant Alexa Global Version

58.98 AED

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Product description

Control anytime

Yeelight LED Light Bulb can be connected to your home Wi-Fi with or without a router
and controlled through your phone. Forgot to turn off the light before leaving
No problem
Don’t want to get out of bed to turn off the lights
No problem

Up to 11 years of service life

With an extremely low wattage of 9 watts providing 600 lumens
Yeelight LED Light Bulb is an ideal solution that lasts up to 11 years

Group controls

Rather than operating a switch for every bulb
Yeelight LED Light Bulb allows the grouping of multiple bulbs
to easily control overall lighting in one or multiple areas with a single touch.

Professional Optical Design

Yeelight LED Light Bulbs use a professional optical structure and high-quality LED elements
These ensure a stable light source and constant eye protection while preventing flickering
Adjustable brightness means you can configure just the right amount of lighting for any scenario
and color temperature can be adjusted between 1700K and 6500K.


Lamp holder

Rated power
10W (60W Equivalent)

Color temperature range

Luminous flux
800 lumens

Color range
16 million colors