Broadlink Bestcon Wifi Smart Lamp 6.5W 600LM LED light Dimmer 5000K Smart Home Life New Fastcon Alexa Google Home

89.00 AED


SMART LAMP - Broadlink bestcon smart lamp 6.5W, dimmer & up to 35 group of timer

EASY CONFIG. With our new fastcon technology you will easy to config all the smart lamp in a short time, and you will able to link 256 pc smart light for one router.

NEW BROADLINK APP CONTROL - New App named BroadLink is available now in Apple App Store and Google Play. New App has better user experiences in configuration and creating scene than IHC Besides, if you have an Android phone integrates IR emitter itself, you can use it to control your IR devices from BroadLink App as a test, before you decide to buy our product.

VOICE CONTROL AND IFTTT - Compatible with Alexa & google home voice control your smart lamp, you can on/off the light , dimmer to the comfortable level.

TECH SUPPORT -Find our Global Hotline on product manual. Now you can get help and make feedback directly through BroadLink Community in the App.