2-Piece Universal Wiper Blades Set Honda Civic 2003

35.00 AED

Auto Bazar

Xcessories Universal Wipers is made of high quality natural rubber as raw material and passed the strict QC test. Our products have no noise, close contact with glass, uniform force, clean brushing, lightweight material, lightweight, lightening the burden of the motor, rocker arm, longer service life, and rarely appear between the scrapers mixed with gravel, which not only protects the windshield, for the wiper itself is also a good protection. • It comes with 10 adapters that are compatible with almost all models of cars. • Frame less design, significantly reduces drag, noise and wind force. • Curved Aerodynamic blade insures even pressure to eliminate smears. • Easy to install. • Highly effective in wiping dust and moisture from the windshield of the car. • Designed for use in all climatic condition. • Longer Life Than Other Premium blades.