Hoover Vacuum Cleaner HQ86-GAB


Hoover Vacuum Cleaner HQ86-GAB

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Hoover Vacuum Cleaner HQ86-GAB

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner HQ86-GAB

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10.8.V, 0.3L capacity, Handheld, Mouth technology, Cordless, 1.3 Kg Hoover handheld vacuum clean ...read more

  • Cleaning type :DRY
  • Proper use :HOME
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    10.8.V, 0.3L capacity, Handheld, Mouth technology, Cordless, 1.3 Kg Hoover handheld vacuum cleaner uses 100W motor and provides thirteen minutes of run time. This Hoover vacuum cleaner is easy to empty and maintain.

    When you need a quick but thorough house cleanup, depending on the Hoover Gator HQ86 GA B ME Vacuum Cleaner will never leave you disappointed. It is a cordless device with easy to hold, light and compact body. It has a built in crevice tool to let you clean hard to reach areas such as ceilings and under the furniture with ease.

    And with its Gator Mouth technology, you can empty the dust collected without creating a mess. Note Worthy Performance This Hoover cordless vacuum cleaner has been specially designed for busy individuals like you.

    You can always pick it up and perform a quick clean around the house. It has a 100W motor, which creates an excellent suction prowess for trapping all the dust, giving you a spotless clean in minutes. It also includes a built in crevice that comes in handy when cleaning hard to reach areas.

    High Power Meets Convenience of Use This Hoover handheld vacuum cleaner has a super compact design coupled with a lightweight build for comfortable maneuverability. You don't have to worry about plugs and wires as this tool is cordless.

    Thus, you can go from room to room, reaching those corners with ease. This Hoover vacuum cleaner has a Gator Mouth technology, which allows you to empty the dust in a dustbin in a neat manner without creating a cloud of dust or spilling it out.

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