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Cleaning type DRY
Vacuum cleaner air filtering EPA11
Compact in size, the Samsung 1600 Watt Canister features a 360 swivel hose and easily detachable foam bag to ensure thorough and efficient cleaning.

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Vacuuming the house can be an impossible task if your vacuum cleaner is huge. The SC4130R Vacuum Cleaner by Samsung is compact and designed in a way that makes it easy to navigate around the house while cleaning. The best feature of this vacuum cleaner is its “360 Swivel Hose” which allows you to access hard to reach spaces and clean them thoroughly. Accompanied by the hose, the dust brush of this vacuum cleaner ensures that every nook and cranny of the house which needs attention is cleaned properly. The vacuum also consists of an “Easy Dust Blowing” function which tackles the layers of dust and dirt which often settle in homes. This device also comes with a dust bag which can carry up to 3 liters of dirt and is easy detachable for disposal. The cleaner also has a small compartment which can store the dirt brush to which makes storage easier as everyone knows how easily appliance attachments tend to get lost. As mentioned, this product is simple, compact and efficient at doing what it promises; cleaning your house effectively. For those who prefer smaller and more compact vacuum cleaners, they need not look further than this model.

Technical details


Cleaning type DRY  
Proper use Home  
Vacuum cleaner air filtering EPA11  

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