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This product can process meat on three settings i.e rough, mid and fine. For professional results this is the prefect grinder in the market.

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Meat grinding at home is an uphill task if you do not have the perfect meat grinder available. The MKMG1300 Meat Grinder by Panasonic is the perfect solution for those households and organizations which require precise grinding results with ease and efficiency. This meat grinder features sharp stainless steel blades which enhance its grinding functionality. The three types of blades allow you to choose from the type of grinding settings you require. This grinder can mince meat to Rough/Mid/Fine grinding settings. This product is operational with only a simple on/off switch and can grind the toughest meats within minutes. This grinder has the capacity to mince over 84kgs of meat in an hour which means that large batches of meat are no match for this device. It also has a Kubbe attachment which allows you to prepare delicious Kubbe quite conveniently. Its portable design allows you to maneuver it in kitchen quite easily. This grinder is not only suitable for domestic households but can also be used in professional organizations such as restaurants and cafes which require efficient mincing and grinding results. Buy this grinder now to streamline your meal prep process by ten folds and create delicious meals in half the time usually required.

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