Kenwood Rice Cooker Rc410

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  • More about this item

    With its "warm" function, the Kenwood RC410 Rice Cooker simplifies cooking upto 10 cups of rice and ensures its deliciousness.
  • Reasons to buy

    Cooking rice perfectly is an art which people spend their entire lives trying to master. Now, you do not have to wait a lifetime to prepare the perfect bowl of rice. The Kenwood RC410 Rice Cooker is one cooking appliance which is a must have for every household which survives on rice. The cooker can easily prepare up to 10 cups of rice using only 3 simple steps. All you need to do is measure out your required amount of rice, add water and then wait patiently while the cooker prepares rice to perfection. It also comes equipped with a “Keep Warm” function which keeps the rice warm once it is fully prepared so that you have a fresh serving of rice whenever you want. The glass lid of the cooker allows you to keep track of the cooking progress very conveniently. Being fully automatic, the cooker knows how long rice needs to be cooked for and produces steaming, well done servings of rice with every usage. Its large capacity makes cooking rice for large numbers of people a piece of cake. The cooker also has a steaming tray which can be used to steam vegetables and fish to compliment the rice. Cooking rice is now easy as ABC with the Kenwood RC140 Rice Cooker!
  • Technical details

    Technical details

    Rice bowl
    Easy-to-clean non stick inner pot
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