Braun Kettle WK300

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BRAUN KETTLE PL WK 300/311/310

BRAUN KETTLE PL WK 300/311/310
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    Braun Kettle WK300

    Braun Kettle WK300

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  • More about this item

    Braun WK300 Electric Tea Kettle's rapid boiling system allows quick heating of upto 1.6 Litres of water within 40 seconds. The kettle is not only easy but also highly safe to use.

  • Reasons to buy

    Boiling water can prove to be a task which requires a lot of patience. No one likes to sit and watch water boil when they could be doing much more important things. The Braun WK300 Kettle is one household appliance which makes the process of boiling water stress free. Fully automatic, this product can boil water in less than 45 seconds with its “Rapid Boil” feature. The kettle is not only a faster option to boil water but is also much safer than the more conventional, manual methods of boiling. It has an automatic switch off feature which becomes operational once the kettle fully boils water. The kettle makes use of a long cord which can be plugged in to power it. The kettle can be cleaned thoroughly without using excessive effort or force. The capacity of this kettle is around 1.7 liters which means that it can be used to boil large amounts of water in small amount of time. All these features make this kettle a must buy for homes and organizations which have a lot of boiling needs which need to be taken care of in a time saving manner. Featuring the Braun name and equipped with only the latest German Technology one cannot go wrong with purchasing this kettle.
  • Technical details

    Technical details

    Overheat protection
    Water level indicator
    Water tank capacity
    Adjustable thermostat
    Housing material
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