Hansaplast ABC Heat Plaster

14.10 AED


Trusted by physicians and therapists world over, give your injury sturdy and impeccable care with the Hansaplast ABC Heat Plaster. The adhesive heat patch localises and provides sustained heat to the area concerned and blocks transmission of excruciating pain across the body. This product is a must-have for athletes for a quick remedy for twists and sprains.

Each Plaster Contains 395.4-551.7mg of Soft Extract Ethanoic 80% (V/v) (4-7:1) of Capsicum Which is Equivalent to 11mg Capsaicinoids Calculated as Capsaicin

Store in a cool & dry place

Empty soup into a pan and stir gently while heating. Do not boil. Microwave - (850w: Microwave ovens may vary, the instructions are a guide). Empty soup into a microwaveable dish and cover. Heat on full power for 2 minutes. Stir, then heat for a further 1 minute. Check that soup is hot before serving

For over 90 years, Hansaplast has worked to provide products that fulfil the real needs of the people. Their range includes products for wound healing, foot care, pain relief, noise reduction, and much more.

Avoid application of additional sources of heat, do not use on broken skin, interrupt treatment if excessive burning is experienced, keep out of the reach of children