Max First Aid Kit FM42 With Contents

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Manufactured with high class metal, white and can be hung to the wall. Maintenance –free and can withstand decay, impact and temperature. Dust and splash proof. Fits large size office, home, workshops, factories, building sites and agencies of up to 10 people. Contents : 1pc. First Aid Kit (27.5x19x6.5cm.) ,1pc. First Aid Guide,1pc. Adhesive tape 1.25cm.,1pc. Cotton crepe bandage 5cm.,1pc. Triangular bandage,4pc. Sterile Gauze swab 5x5xcm.,4pc. Sterile Gauze swab 7.5x7.5cm.,30pc. Wound plaster assorted (1 box ),5pc. Finger tips fabric bandage,10pc. Alcohol swabs 2pc. Soap wipes,1pc. Forceps ,2pc. Sterile Adhesive eye pad,1pc. Emergency blanket,1pc. Instant ice bag,1 pair Disposable gloves,4pc. Sterile Adhesive wound dressing 6x7cm.,4pc. Sterile Adhesive wound dressing 6x10cm.,1pc. Burn sheet ,1pc. Vaseline Gauze 5x5cm.,2pc. Confirming bandage 1”,2pc. Confirming bandage 2”,2pc. Confirming bandage 3”,10pc. Safety pins,1pc. Scissor ,1pc. CPR mask