Max First Aid Cabinet FM025 With Contents

299.00 AED


This shelf –style first aid kit is designed to allow the user to customize the shelves inside box, the locking system enables only authorized users if the kit access to its contents. This first aid kit is suggested fir homes m industrial companies , shopping centers, hotels, labs, etc. Contents: 1pc. First Aid Cabinet ( 40x30x15cm.) ,1pc. First Aid guide,1pc. Adhesive tape 1.25cm.,1pc. Adhesive tape 2.5cm.,1pc. Cotton crepe bandage 5cm.,1pc. Cotton crepe bandage7.5cm.,1pc. Triangular bandage,6pc. Sterile gauze swab 5x5cm.,6pc. Sterile gauze swab 7.5x7.5cm.,4pc. Sterile gauze swab 10x10cm.,30pc.Wound plaster assorted (1box ),6pc. Knuckle fabric bandage,5pc. Fingertip fabric bandage,100pc. Alcohol swabs, 4pc. Soap wipes,1pc. Forceps,2pc. Sterile adhesive eye pad,1pc. Emergency blanket,1pc. Instant ice bag,2pair Disposable gloves,4pc. Sterile wound dressing 6x7cm.,4pc. Sterile Adhesive wound dressing 6x10cm.,4pc. Sterile PU wound dressing waterproof 5x7cm.,4pc. Sterile PU wound dressing waterproof 6x8cm.,1pc. Burn sheet,2pc. Insect sting relief pads,2pc. Trauma pad 5x9,2pc. Vaseline gauze 5x5cm.,2pc. Insect repellant relief pads,4pc. Confirming bandage 1”,4pc. Confirming bandage 2”,2pc. Confirming bandage 3”,2pc. Syringe 5ml.,1pc. Elastic force bandage 5cm.,1pc. Elastic force bandage 7.5cm.,1pc. Digital thermometer,10pc. Safety pins,1pc. Scissors ,1CPR mask