Mybodyo Instant Body Check Device


Mybodyo Instant Body Check Device

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Mybodyo Instant Body Check Device

Mybodyo Instant Body Check Device

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4 Main reasons to use MYBODYO: You have weight problem - You want to seriously manage them. You are more

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    After 12 years of shared experience with the medical sector, MyBodyo is the 1st connected device of instant body check-up intended for general use. MyBodyo is a home-based tool which allows an accurate measurement of the body balance. A significant bodily imbalance can be the signal of a serious pathology for the health. It gives you information about Hydration/Water Retention, Muscle Mass, Daily Calorie Needs, Body Fat, Bone Quality and overall Wellness.
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    4 Main reasons to use MYBODYO: You have weight problem - You want to seriously manage them. You are an athlete - You are aware that your muscle mass and your hydration are two essential elements for good performance. You care about your health - You want to monitor your health and well-being. You want a device for the whole family - MYBODYO is multi-user, it can be used by the whole family and you can test everyone around you. MyBodyo is 100% French. Purchase includes: One MyBodyo Balance Scanner, USB Charger, water spray and instruction manual. Use: Sit down placing yourself slightly in profile and taking your right foot off the ground. You can also take your measure while standing your right foot on a chair. Position MYBODYO under the bone of your ankle. General Features: Measurement interpretation Available on the online secure personal space, Platform , Application MyBodyo (Android/iOs) , Measurement Type Quadrupole measurement patented system , Weight/Length 0.55 lbs / 10.23 in , Battery NiMh battery rechargeable via 9V USB 2.0 cable Autonomy of 300 measurements , Current intensity 800µA surge , Connection via Bluetooth BT 3.0 & 4.0 BLE , Compatible media Pc Windows Vista 7, 8 and Mac OS 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 , Mobile / Tablet , Compatible operating systems iOS and Android , Smartphone/Tablet , On/Off Automatic , Color Purple , Material Plastic. Measure : Recommendations Do not use this device if you carry a pacemaker or other implanted medical device . Users Multi-user function - give all those close to you a free check-up . % Body fat Yes , % Muscle Mass Yes , Daily Calorie Needs Yes , Hydration/Water Retention Yes , Bone Quality Yes , Objectives Weight management , Overweight.
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