Brown Yellow Onions 1.5kg


Brown Yellow Onions 1.5kg

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Brown Yellow Onions 1.5kg

Brown Yellow Onions 1.5kg

Pack size: 1.5kg
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The Brown Yellow Onions have a bit sweeter and mild taste to be the used in many dishes. These are more

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  • More about this item

    The Brown Yellow Onions have a bit sweeter and mild taste to be the used in many dishes. These are available in a bag of 1.5kg.
  • Ingredients & Nutrition facts

    Nutrition facts

    Typical Values Average Nutritional Values Per 100g
    Energy in Kcal 42kcal
    Protein 10.11g
    Carbohydrates 4.28g
    Sugar 0.92g
    Fat 0.08g
    Fibre 1.4g
    Sodium 3mg


    Vitamin A: 2.0IU, Vitamin C: 7.4mg, Vitamin K: 0.4mcg, Niacin: 0.1mg, Vitamin B6: 0.1mg, Folate: 19.0mcg, Pantothenic Acid: 0.1mg, Choline: 6.1mg, Betadine: 0.1mg, Calcium: 23.0mg, Iron: 0.2mg, Magnesium: 10.0mg, Phosphorus: 29.0mg, Potassium: 146mg, Sodium: 4.0mg, Zinc: 0.2mg, Manganese: 0.1mg, Selenium: 0.5mcg and Fluoride: 1.1mcg
  • How to use

    Storage conditions

    Store in a cool and dry place

    Preparation and usage

    Cut brown yellow onions thinly from the top. Peel the skin away and remove any soft outer layers. Hold the onion by the root and slice or cut as desired. Holding the peeled onion under cold water for several seconds before slicing can minimize the teary effect on eyes. Brown yellow onion works wonders for cold salads and hot soups. Place it as relish on burgers. Brown yellow onions are ideal for long-cooking in soups, stews and braises, and are sticky and delicious when caramelized.

    cooking Guidelines

    Brown yellow onions can be fried or steamed. To fry, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a pan. Add the prepared onion and cook for 5 to 10 minutes, stirring occasionally until tender. To steam, place whole, peeled onions or sliced onions in a steamer. Cook whole onions for 40 to 50 minutes and sliced onions for 15 to 20 minutes.
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