Raspberries 340g

Origin:United States of America, Chile, Portugal, Holland and Mexico. Be the first to review this product



  • 32.95 AED
  • Pack size: 340g
  • United States of America, Chile, Portugal, Holland and Mexico.
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    Raspberries 340g

    Raspberries 340g

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  • Ingredients & Nutrition facts

    Nutrition facts

    Per100PortionType Average Nutritional Value Per 100g
    Energyinkcal 52Kcal
    Protein 1.2g
    Carbohydrates 11.94g
    Sugar 4.42g
    Fat 0.65g
    Fibre 6.5g
    Sodium 1mg


    Nutrition Values per 100g serving contains Vitamin A: 33.0IU; Vitamin C: 26.2mg; Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol): 0.9mg; Vitamin K: 7.8mcg; Niacin: 0.6mg;Vitamin B6: 0.1mg; Folate: 21.0mcg; Pantothenic Acid: 0.3mg; Choline: 12.3mg; Betaine: 0.8mg; Calcium: 25.0mg; Iron: 0.7mg; Magnesium: 22.0mg; Phosphorus: 29.0mg; Potassium: 151mg; Sodium: 1.0mg; Zinc: 0.4mg; Copper: 0.1mg; Manganese: 0.7mg and Selenium: 0.2mcg. Raspberries boosts heart health, helps with weight loss, manage diabetes, potentially prevent cancer, ease arthritis pain, support bone health and fight aging.
  • How to use

    Storage conditions

    Raspberries are extremely perishable and should be stored properly away from sun exposure and warm temperature. It is best to eat them the same day they are purchased. Chill Raspberries in the refrigerator for one or two days in a single layer on an uncovered tray or platter that is lined with paper towels. Sprinkling with a little sugar will also help preserve them longer.

    Preparation and usage

    Wash Raspberries delicately and pat them dry before eating or using them for any recipe preparation. Do not let it be oversoaked in water to avoid getting mushy. Best consumed right away as a great, quick healthy snack of its own. Add Raspberries on breakfast porridge, cereals, granola bowls, or plain yoghurt. Top it on waffles, pancakes, cakes, pastries, ice creams or sorbets. Blend it to a rich smoothie or juice it to a mocktail or cooler.

    Brand Message

    Bringing you "Only the Finest Berries" from Driscoll's. Our fresh Raspberries from Driscoll's are sophisticatedly grown in the best conditions and agricultural techniques. Employing 100 years of berry farming expertise, Driscoll’s ensures a commitment to product freshness, safety and superb quality from soil to harvest and all throughout the stages of production till final shipping to our stores. Driscoll’s patented berry varieties promise unique berry goodness and flavor in every pack.

    cooking Guidelines

    Make a healthy snack of fiber-rich crispbread with creamy goat cheese. Sprinkle with fresh lemon zest and herbs and top off with our juicy Raspberries.
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