Al ain

Al Ain Low Fat Fresh yogurt 1kg

6.10 AED

Al Ain Low Fat Fresh yogurt 1kg is prepared from cow’s milk. It is healthy and includes probiotic bacteria.

Fresh Low Fat Milk, Mil Solids. Live yogurt Culture, Stabilizer (E440, E471, E339), Vitamins a & D. Fat Less Than 2% Minimum Non-fat Solids 8.5%. This yogurt Contains the Active Bacterial Bacteria Llg Which if Taken Daily Helps Maintain a Favourable Balance of Bacteria in the Digestive System.

Keep refrigerated (0°C - 4°C).

Al Ain Farms For Livestock Production was established in 1981. It was under the directive of the late great Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, father of the nation. Since then the company has been at the forefront of a growing dairy and poultry industry.