Priya Mixed Vegetable Pickle in Oil 300g

6.50 AED

The Priya Mixed Vegetable Pickle in Oil 300g is a traditionally made savory food item. The vegetable mix features an appetizing taste with subtly spiced flavor. It goes well with rice, roti, snacks and various other breakfast items.

Lime Pieces, Ginger, Salt, Lime Juice, Chilli Powder, Garlic, Fenugreek, Citric Acid and Turmeric Powder.

Once opened , keep in refrigerator. Retain oil layer on top till the contents are over. Use dry spoon only. Keep bottle closed after use

Priya Foods is the subsidiary of Ushodaya Enterprises Private Limited, which is part of the famous Ramoji Group headquartered in Hyderabad. Priya foods started off by producing bottled Andhra pickles. Today though the company also produces snacks, commodities, masala pastes, spice powders and instant mixes. Priya foods is focused on retaining the 'Indianness' of each manufactured product while improving global reach.