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Univ Animal Pak


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Loaded with the most advanced and highest quality bodybuilding nutrients, Animal Pak™ is light years ahead of any other formula. Only Animal Pak™ provides you with the perfect combination of complex proteins, mega vitamins, lyophilized amino acids and essential training factors (such as Inosine, Choline, PAK, Protogen A and Dibencozide). Plus each pak contains a powerful combination of advanced mineral complexes, lipotropics, digestive enzymes, branched-chain aminos and high potency pre-workout energizers. All synergized in a perfectly balanced, time-released formula of eleven tablets.If you are serious about your body then don’t settle for anything less than the Animal Pak. It will blast your body with the key nutrients you require. And bring out the animal in you. Nothing works like it.100% GUARANTEE: All Universal products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients available under the strictest controls in our own state-of-the-art facilities. If not satisfied for any reason, return remainder of product and receipt to place of purchase within 30 says for immediate refund or exchange.Please refer to the product panel for the TYPICAL AMINO ACID PROFILE and the PERFORMANCE NUTRIENTS.¹ A synergistic blend containing L-Carnitine, Parsley, Chromium Picolinate, Goldenseal and Don Quai. A Natural blend containing choline citrate, lecithin, burdock and fiber.