Humax Receiver Icord 500GB + My HD



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Card reader Yes
HDMI out 1
USB ports quantity 1

Can’t decide on which show to record? Now there’s no need to choose between two shows. You can record both at the same time.

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With a whopping 500GB capacity, the hard drive can hold up to 125 hours of HD and 300 hours of standard definition programming.

You get to control time. Play back your show while it’s being recorded, pause it, and resume again when you’re ready. Or watch your favourite scenes again and again, and skip over parts you don’t want.

Electronic Program Guide (EPG) gives you all the details of radio and TV programmes for the next seven days right on your screen. (Content will depend on each programme provider)

Because our receiver can access USB drive, you can watch and listen to all your videos, photos, and music from one place.

Access encrpted programming such as Pay TV or Pay Radio with the Smartcard.

High definition (HD) is definitely easier on the eyes. As compared to standard definition, HD gives you more vivid detail, finer gradations, truer colours, and more precise contrasts and contours.

Just connect the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable to any HD source and enjoy the optimized pictures and sounds each and every time.

You get the outstanding digital sounds of the world’s best cinemas right in your own living room.

Technical details

Technical details

Display Yes  


Supported radio bands FM  


Card reader Yes  


USB ports quantity 1  


HDMI out 1  

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