Genesis 7.1 Virtual Surround Stereo Sound USB, Gaming Headset with Microphone, Over-the-Ear, Quick Volume Change, 50MM Large Transducers, Soft Earpads- PCs, Laptops, PS4 and Switch - Black / Red

265.00 AED


【LISTENING WHILE WINNING】 The headphones are equipped with an in-built sound card with a 7.1 virtual sound system, which allows users to clearly identify the source and direction of sounds. Your foes can creep on you all they want. They still won't get a drop on you!

【AN ADDICTING SOUND】 If that’s not enough for you, the Radon 710 headphones boast high quality, large 50mm transducers, which guarantee exceptional sound. After listening to music with the Radon 710, you won't come back to any other sound set.

【NOTHING WILL DISTRACT YOU】 The transducers are embedded in soft earpads, so that sitting for many hours in front of the screen won't hurt your ears. Additionally, the Radon 710 headphones are not only comfortable, but they also isolate background noises, so that no sounds from the outside will spoil the fun of listening or playing.

【SOFTWARE THAT DEMANDS RESPECT】 The Radon 710 is a top of the line headset, so of course it is equipped with advanced software. If gamers want to quickly change the volume, they can do so swiftly with the control located on the earpiece.

【INVEST IN QUALITY】 The Radon 710 headset is a long term investment. Its durability is guaranteed by reliable, metal design of the headband. The device’s cord is long and exceptionally resistant to damage, eliminating one of the biggest issues for this kind of gear – cable tearing.