Black+Decker Hand Vacuum DVJ320J-B5


Black+Decker Hand Vacuum DVJ320J-B5

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Black+Decker Hand Vacuum DVJ320J-B5

Black+Decker Hand Vacuum DVJ320J-B5


10.8V/ 25 Air Watts Dust Buster.

Reasons to buy

Over 30 years ago, BLACK+DECKER introduced the world to a revolutionary cleaning tool: the Dustbuster® hand vac.

The world may have changed since then, but one thing’s remained the same: the hand-held vacuum’s convenience, power, and enduring popularity.

With strong suction and innovative features, we’ve reinvented the Dustbuster® for the 21st century. Whether it’s cereal on the kitchen floor, art project glitter in the den, or sawdust in the workshop, there’s always a reason for a homeowner to keep a handheld vacuum nearby.

Why drag out the broom or heavy upright when you can whip out a handheld vacuum and make the whole mess vanish in seconds?

• The GEN 10 Li-ion cyclonic Dustbuster® cordless hand vacuum is designed for a quick clean up around the office and home

. • Battery powered and lightweight, it is easy to manoeuvre and an integrated long crevice tool offers greater accessibility, that will help tackle all types of debris found in the house.

• Dustbuster’s® wide mouth and an intelligent Boost Mode will allow you to pick up even larger or stubborn debris.

• Cyclonic action spins the dust and debris away from the filter. • Boost Mode will allow you to pick up even larger debris.

• Long lasting lithium battery technology, no discharge always ready to use. • Clear 500ml bagless dirt bowl.

• Simply press the quick-release clip to easily and hygienically empty the dirt bowl. • The bowl and filters can also be rinsed out for a thorough clean.

• Integrated long crevice tool and flip-out brush.

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    Black+Decker Hand Vacuum DVJ320J-B5


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