Ozone - English Keyboard Skin UK Layout For MacBook Pro 13'' 15 '' A1706/A1707 with Touch Bar - Photoshop Shortcuts


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With Ozone keyboard cover get easy access to learn and know the shortcuts keys of Adobe Photoshop
Perfect fit for the All Latest MacBook A1706/A1707 with Touch Bar & Touch ID
Ultra-Thin Clear TPU skin, made it easier for typing. With only 0.15mm Thickness (one-fifth the thickness of silicone skins)
Great fit for the All the Latest MacBook A1706/A1707 with Touch Bar & Touch ID
Every key is individually molded to fit your MacBook Keyboard. Allows MacBook backlight keyboard to shine thru cover. Flexible and washable.
Design to provide the full protection for your MacBook keyboard against dust spills, key wear and more.
Protects against key wear, food and drink spills, dust and hair clogging. Easy to clean too, just peel up from the keyboard, rinse under water, and dry.
Easy to install
Flexible and washable and durable.
Scratch resistant and water resistant

Please note that only English text available on this Keyboard skin

Keyboard Layout: UK/EU Layout
Compatible with: MacBook A1706/A1707 with Touch Bar & Touch ID (2016 Oct. Release)
Model Identifier: MacBookPro13,3 & MacBookPro13,2

Note: Please check for the Model Number behind the MacBook before placing the order
The model number can be found on the bottom of your MacBook in between the two hinges in the format AXXXX

Please check the image to find the difference between US and UK keyboard

Note: The RETURN key is L shaped

Please note that this Keyboard Skin will not be compatible with MacBook 13’’ 15’’ without touch Bar & Touch ID Version

Package Includes:
1x Ozone English Keyboard Skin UK Layout