Roccat - Sense Vital Force 2mm Wide - High Precision Gaming Mousepad


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Developed In Conjunction with international professionals Optimum Gliding Area and pointer positioning Rubberized Backing Dimensions 850 x 330mm with a thickness of just 2mm The Sense uses a successful, battle-proven combo of advanced gaming tech and cutting-edge materials. Developed by ROCCAT engineers as a high-level hybrid pad, it’s aimed at uncompromising gamers who demand peak performance during intense, high-speed combat. ROCCAT's unique hybrid coating extends the benefits of cloth by significantly reducing frictional resistance. With far less drag on the mouse, you're free to react with lightning speed and precision in-game. The surface is also durable and easy to clean, as well as being comfortable on the wrists during gameplay. With a command surface of 850 x 330mm, the Sense offers plenty of room for even the most active gamer to command in bold style. It’s ideal for quick and aggressive mouse jockeying on both the x- and y-axis – and its advanced coating ensures that every action is both speedy and precise. And, at a slim 2mm, the Sense offers a sleek and lightweight – yet amazingly comfortable – gaming platform.