Genius Cam All-In-One Wired Mouse And Camera

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Founded in 1983, this Taiwanese company has satisfied millions of customers worldwide ever since. Genius built its brand primarily in the field of computer accessories, such as keyboards, mice, tablets, and gaming controllers. Their peripherals are used across the world, satisfying demanding users in both the office and the home, and the company has a dense network of branches in Taiwan, the US, UK, Germany, China, and many other countries

Reasons To Buy

Genius introduces its new 2-in-1 device, the Cam Mouse, an innovative mouse that becomes a camera with instant photo uploading, QR code scanning, and more. The Cam Mouse combines a 1200dpi mouse with a 2.0 megapixel camera, bringing you the best of both worlds. And while cameras on notebook monitors are awkward and unwieldy, the Cam Mouse is as easy to use as a small hand-held camera. It can seamlessly switch between mouse and camera modes in a split second--simply slide open the lens cover and snap away