D-Link Wireless Router Mesh Covr 2202


D-Link Wireless Router Mesh Covr 2202

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D-Link Wireless Router Mesh Covr 2202

D-Link Wireless Router Mesh Covr 2202

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Experience our most powerful Whole Home Wiread more

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  • Reasons to buy

    Experience our most powerful Whole Home WiFi

    Welcome to the next generation of WiFi in your home. Covr blankets every square inch of your home with seamless, reliable, superfast WiFi. With two Covr Points, you can bring WiFi access to a massive 550 square metres.

    RoomToRoom Seamless WiFi.

    Covr keeps you seamlessly connected automatically as you move around your home. No connection dropoffs, no interruptions, just one seamless network.

    We’ve Got It Covr’d

    Covr’s Smart Roaming technology enables your devices to stay automatically connected to the nearest Covr Point in your home while all the Covr Points work together as one network. That means you can move from room to room or change floors and you’ll stay seamlessly connected to everything you love about the internet without needing to lift a finger.

    No Crowding

    Experience a full-strength signal everywhere in your home. With Covr’s built-in Smart Steering technology, your fastest, least congested band speeds are always being automatically delivered to you, so you can load websites in a snap. Covr also uses MU-MIMO technology which efficiently handles traffic to multiple devices for even greater wireless speeds.

    5x Faster

    Each Covr Point has six powerful internal antennas which use Wireless AC to give you combined Wi-Fi speeds of up to 2.2 Gbps, 5 times the performance of the most common type of Wi-Fi found in most households.

    ByeBye, Buffering!

    Discover the energized power of tri-band Wi-Fi with combined speeds of 2.2Gbps. Enjoy voice and video calls with your friends without cut outs, stream 4K movies in any room without any buffering or signal dropouts, play your favourite online games lag-free while you download files.

    Satisfyingly Simple Setup

    As Covr nodes come pre-paired, they’re ready to go straight out of the box. For a quick, PC-free setup: grab your phone, download the app, plug in your Covr Points, and follow the simple app instructions. Connect your smart home devices to Covr with the one-touch WPS button.

    You’re the Boss

    Whether you need to get everyone around the table for a meal, it’s time for homework, or you need a break from the screens, Covr comes with parental controls on the D-Link Wi-Fi mobile app so you’re always in charge. For your peace of mind, you can find out what devices are connected to Covr, schedule when devices can be used, create a guest login for when you have visitors, and block any devices you don’t know.

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